Our CMM Programmers and Operators

Carolina Metrology’s CMM operators are experienced with a variety of software packages as differing programs excel at different tasks. We fit the appropriate software to the task at hand.

Anywhere from simple inspection of a few characteristics all the way to complex high-level language programs, we have the appropriate software, tools and programming capabilities to make our contract inspections or program development as efficient as possible.

Increased inspection efficiency equals decreased costs!

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Our CMM Programmers and Operators

  • Polyworks
  • Metrologic
  • Modus
  • CMM Manager
  • Open DMIS
  • VDMIS (Virtual DMIS)
  • And Many More

Whether you need to hire a Polyworks programmer for a short project or someone experienced with Open DMIS for a long-term project, contact our team. Even if the project isn’t suited to our business, our years in the dimensional metrology field mean fast access to a larger network of trusted programmers than most recruiting companies.

A CMM operator inspecting a mechanical component with a Coord3 CMMA CMM and Polyworks workstation in the Carolina Metrology labOn-site CMM programming in an automotive manufacturing facilityA CMM manager prepares parts for inspectionIn-lab CMM programming and inspection services being performedA CMM jog box in the Carolina Metrology labA CMM programmer inspects an automotive engine block