Checking Fixture & Gauge Certification & Calibration

Carolina Metrology offers both test fixture certifications and calibration for a variety of fixtures and gauges. Fixture inspections can be completed on-site at your location or at our metrology lab conveniently located in the Greenville - Spartanburg, SC area. Our certified ISO-9001 and accredited ISO-17025 laboratory can provide a variety of certification and calibration reports, including pre and post adjustment reports to ensure that any changes made to the fixture and/or gauge are well documented. If your check fixture or gauge has become damaged, we can also provide repair and calibration service to bring the test gauge back into the desired specifications.

Our engineers have certified and calibrated fixtures for a wide variety of industries from automotive to aerospace and defense. Carolina Metrology is not affiliated with any fixture repair shop. We’re free of any undue pressure to influence outcomes and are entirely focused on providing precise and reliable measurements.

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In-Lab Test Gauge Certification & Calibration

Carolina Metrology’s engineers have extensive experience with a variety of tactile and non-contact CMMs allowing us to certify a nearly limitless variety of checking fixtures. Our customers enjoy extremely short lead times at our lab, with most checking fixture and gage certification projects able to be completed in just a few business days.

On-Site Fixture Certification & Calibration

If your fixture is too large or crucial to your active production process to send to our metrology lab, we’re on standby to provide on-site fixture and gauge inspections. If you need a gage R&R study once your fixture has been certified, the team at Carolina Metrology has extensive experience performing on-site and in-lab repeatability and reproducibility studies.

  • Test Fixture & Gauge Capabilities:
  • Graphical Certification Report with Cover Sheet
  • ISO-17025 Accredited
  • On-Time Repairs
  • Short lead Times
  • On-Site Fixture and Gauge Calibration
  • Jig inspection and Jig Alignment

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A large check fixture is calibrated and certified on the production floorAn on-site fixture inspectionA checking fixture certification in progress on-siteA Faro Ion laser tracker performing contract test fixture certifications