Long & Short-Term CMM Rentals

There are a few common situations when we are contacted for portable CMM rentals including:

  • Existing units being repaired or undergoing off-site calibration
  • Large projects temporarily requiring another scanner or tracker
  • Testing equipment for your unique application before making a substantial purchase

Whether you need a laser tracker, portable arm, or 3D scanner for just a few days or for a couple months, the team at Carolina Metrology is here to assist. Our Faro CMM rentals typically ship within one day of order receipt. Equipment is always calibrated in our lab and includes a full accredited calibration certificate.

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Faro Scanner & Laser Tracker Rental Units

Faro Edge and ScanArm HD Rental Specs:

This versatile Faro portable CMM is ideal for part inspections, reverse engineering, tooling, and mold inspections. Rental may be configured with the optional laser scanner.

Arm specifications (3.7m (12ft) Measuring Range Version):

  • Volumetric Accuracy:  ±.091mm
  • Single Point Repeatability:  .064mm
  • Weight:  11.3kg (24.9lbs)

Laser line probe specifications:

  • Accuracy:  ±25μm
  • Repeatability:  25μm
  • Points per line:  2,000
  • Minimum Point Spacing:  40μm
  • Scan Rate:  280 frames/second
  • Weight:  485g (1.1lb)

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Faro Ion Laser Tracker Rental Specs

Our laser tracker is a sophisticated tool for tackling large scale part inspections, reverse engineering, tooling, equipment layouts and precision alignments.

Key Specifications:

  • Distance Measurement Accuracy (MPE):
    • ADM: 16μm + 0.8μm/m
    • Interferometer: 4μm + 0.8μm/m
  • Angle Measurement Accuracy
    • Angular Accuracy (MPE): 20μm + 5μm/m
    • Precision Level Accuracy: +/-2 arcseconds
  • Range
    • Max Working Range
      • 55m (180.4ft) with select targets
      • 40m (131.2ft) with standard 1.5in & 7/8in SMRs
      • 30m (98.4ft) with standard 1/2 in SMR
    • Minimum Working Range: 0m (0ft)
    • Horizontal Envelope +/- 270°
    • Vertical Envelope: 125° (+72.5° to -52.5°)

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